The Discredited Phillips Curve Cannot Be Discredited Enough

Talking to the New York Times recently, AEI’s lead economist in Michael Strain observed that “good news” for the Fed would be a recession. Since the credentialed near unanimously believe that job loss and bankruptcy are the cures for inflation, it’s up to those short on credentials but mildly long on common sense to correct an impoverishing narrative – over and over again – that just won’t die.

A Lesson From Hong Kong For Those Who Worry China Hides Bad News

According to Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell, “The Chinese economy has hit a rough patch.” On their face, comments like these always rate a raised eyebrow: I can’t measure the economy of the street I live on, but Rampell feels comfortable commenting from New York City on the health of people in a vast country on the other side of the world. How does she know what she claims to know?

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