We Need Term Limits Precisely Because So Many Like Their Congressman

Congress is widely loathed by Americans who continue to overwhelmingly re-elect their own representative. This paradox speaks to the importance of strict term limits.

Since all politics is local, politicians wisely feed the local flock, only to trade votes just enough to make sure the locals get what they want. That’s how politicians can talk a good game about limiting government while routinely overseeing its endless growth. The answer is that national elections shouldn’t be about popularity. This is true even if the Rep. is known to vote against most every spending bill. These guys need to go so that they can never get good at their job, and so that family members and friends don’t become financially reliant on them becoming good at their jobs.

The ongoing scandal is that politicians make a lifetime out of $174,000/yr. in Washington, D.C. They do because the longer they stay, the more that their congressional pay shrinks relative to the myriad other ways that money finds those around them, including family members. Limit their time in office to limit their effectiveness while in office.

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