Government Spending Is An Affect of Growth, Never An Instigator

Even though the freedom side thoroughly routed the statists in the battle over freedom vs. central planning in the 20th century, economics is stalked by nearly as much fallacy today as when Hazlitt observed the same in 1946. Nowadays it’s accepted wisdom on the self-proclaimed free market side that central bankers must plan so-called “money supply” and the cost of credit, while others on the right claim government consumption of precious resources has a growth upside.

Count Manhattan Institute adjunct fellow Stephen Miran as a believer in both falsehoods. In a recent piece he made a case that economic growth will wear off as the effects of government borrowing and monetary meddling do. It implies that the economy is a machine that wise minds with PhDs can fine tune.

Here’s the why behind The Parkview Institute. The goal will be to optimistically correct all the misunderstanding that pollutes the opinion pieces of the dominant ideologies. 

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