John Tamny

John Tamny is a popular speaker and author in the U.S. and around the world. His speech topics include "Government Barriers to Economic Growth," "Why Washington and Wall Street are Better Off Living Apart," and more.

Biden’s Chinese Investment Crackdown Vandalizes Foreign and Economic Policy

President Biden’s recent move to ban U.S. investment in “sensitive” Chinese companies will not work. As is, U.S. investment funds all sorts of Chinese innovations despite all manner of rules in China that dis-allow foreign investment. Capital moves faster than government, obviously. Assuming Biden could ban U.S. investment into China, what a shame. When it comes to innovative companies, they generally get to choose their investors.

Mark-to-Market is Not as Simple For Banks as is Assumed

Cato Institute co-founder Ed Crane and I have been discussing mark-to-market accounting for banks in the aftermath of SVB’s troubles. Crane is not seeking force on the matter, but does think mark-to-market would render bank balance sheets credible where they’re presently not. My response is that regardless of what banks do, investors strive to mark to market.

Country of Contrasts: A Review of Michael Reid’s ‘Spain’

The late Jude Wanniski once observed about Spain that its headline rate of unemployment had little to do with actual unemployment. Wanniski’s point was that the 20% official rate was merely a sign of Spaniards aggressively hiding their work from tax collectors. Wanniski’s analysis from decades ago was hard to forget while reading Michael …

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The Superfluous Conceit of Mandatory Bank ‘Stress Tests’

In the technology sector, poorly-run businesses don’t last long. They fail quickly only for their assets to be acquired by better stewards. The paradoxical truth is that the technology sector gains strength from periods of weakness.   It’s something to think about with banking top of mind. Failure in banking has become a dirty …

The Superfluous Conceit of Mandatory Bank ‘Stress Tests’ Read More »

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